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Next Generation Digital Marketing by Next Generation Consultants

We are a group of young marketing professionals who commit our expertise and enthusiasm toward digital marketing success in our business community. We address digital marketing gaps through an integrated approach using diverse skillsets.

Our Expertise

☆ Social Media Marketing

☆ Media Campaigns

☆ Content Generation & Distribution

☆ Multimedia Production 

☆ Search Engine Marketing 

☆ Pay-Per-Click Marketing

☆ Display Advertising 

☆ Digital Analytics & Visualization

☆ Website Design & Optimization

☆ Marketing Automation

☆ Digital Branding

☆ Digital Technology Appraisal

Young Business Colleagues

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Business Owner

"WESCON consultant Brianna Travers worked with Sterling Modular in Boyertown. She’s done an outstanding job in helping to build a marketing strategy and social media plan for Sterling. Her intelligence, knowledge, energy, and personality have been exceptional. None of this existed before Brianna’s arrival. We are all hoping to work with WESCON to help execute this plan!"

Lisa Jacobs, Sterling Modular

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